Gina Barrett

Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring


Needing emotional support, guidance or mentorship?

Spiritual Counseling or Mentoring is an easy and convenient way to get ongoing support in your life. In each session you will have an opportunity to share what’s going on in your life, do practices that help you to rediscover your authentic self and create lifestyle and attitude changes that will bring you into living your fullest potential.

Using mind-body and motivational techniques, such as creating action steps and ongoing troubleshooting to get over any hurdles, let Gina assist you in discovering and living your life purpose.

In addition to Gina's holistic health skills, as a mentor, she offers years of professional experience in marketing, management and conscious communication.  She has helped many establish successful small businesses, such as artists, retail store owners, yoga studio owners and wellness providers. Gina has also assisted those working in corporate fields & management to advance, while maintaining a balanced life. After a lifetime of spiritual practice and personal transformation, Gina has a gift for creating a sacred container for transformation to unfold and so her clients feel confident to take real steps toward living their life purpose.

Experience fulfillment in each moment.


  • Feel Witnessed and Supported by an ally

  • Embody positive and supportive lifestyle practices

  • A feeling of Joy and Peace from transformed emotions

  • Confidence to live one's true path

  • Clarity in decision making

  • Chosen community

  • Vitality

People seek A Spiritual COunselor or mentor because they are:

  • seeking support from a spiritual guide

  • would like experienced guidance as they take their business or life to the next level

  • just want a little help with their life for a while

  • in transition (divorce, new job or business, juggling school and parenting, family illness, death of a loved one)

  • feel consumed by their professional life and/or need to create more balance, like time with family, friends and time for much needed self care

Gina Uses a Palette of mind-body techniques to assist you, including...

  • Guided visualization

  • Movement

  • Breath

  • Sound

  • Meditation

  • Qigong as Chinese medicine movement for emotional healing

  • Yoga philosophy and practice

  • Taoist Philosophy

  • Ritual

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Mayan crystal healing

  • Emotional healing aromatherapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is often suggested for emotional healing. Transform tension in your body and feel freer and lighter to move forward on your path. After a lifetime of spiritual practice and personal transformation, I have cultivated a special gift for creating a sacred container for transformation and personal growth to unfold.

In person, Skype, Zoom & Phone Sessions


I feel expanded out of the experience of doing a session with you, plumbed to a very deep level, supported and honored in my experience. I felt lighter and elated when I left.
— Linza Douglas, LPC, Therapist
Prana, I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that my shop is opening tomorrow. We have a lot of loose ends, but I am getting anxious to have the doors open. I want to say thank you. My sessions with you helped me climb out of the dark and I am now open to this new adventure I am on.
— artist & business owner, Portland, Maine
Working with Gina has enabled me to see more clearly what I want and what I don’t want. Since beginning to work with her, new opportunities have flowed toward me and I am no longer fearful of success.
— Phuli Cohan, MD, Boston