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Holiday Healing Gifts

Give yourself, a loved one or friend the gift of a stocking stuffer, session or retreat! Retreats held in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Sessions held in person in Crestone, Colorado, on the phone, and via Zoom video call.


LIGHTER LIVING TANTRA BOOK: Great stocking stuffer!

Lighter Living Tantra provides support for opening one’s energy centers, transforming the emotions that emerge, opening more fully into one’s true Self. 


Aromatherapy Sessions with DoTerra Essential Oils

This treatment includes an application of 10 of the most popular oils gently massaged into the back, along the spine and into the feet with foot reflexology for optimal health. 


Couples Weekend Getaway Package

Learn foundational practices and build on them with new ways to share an energy exchange and elevate your vibration! Deepen your communication skills, partner yoga & qigong practices and learn new sacred sexuality techniques.


Sacred Sexuality Instruction for Couples

Deepen intimacy in your relationship or marriage with sacred sexuality and tantra lifestyle practices in a perfect spot for your romantic retreat. 


Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring
and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Spiritual Counseling or Mentoring is an easy and convenient way to get ongoing support in your life. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is often suggested for emotional healing. Transform tension in your body and feel freer and lighter to move forward on your path.


Private Yoga or Qigong Instruction

Give the gift that transforms old patterns held in the body with a private yoga session. Learn qigong organ clearing for optimal health & protection and practice primordial qigong to draw new energy into your body for healing & longevity.


Gift Certificates for Any Service

Can't decide which service to gift your loved one? Let them select their favorite with a gift certificate! Click here to send payment via PayPal and indicate service!

Living Lighter Tantra Book $12.95

Aromatherapy Session (45 min) $75

Couples Weekend Getaway Package $770

Sacred Sexuality Instruction for Couples $175

Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring
and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Hourly Rate $150/$125 SLV Residents

Private Yoga or Qigong Instruction

* Retreats held in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Sessions held in person in Crestone, Colorado, on the phone, and via Zoom video call.


Couples Getaways

Immerse yourself in sacred sexuality practices and deepen the intimacy in your relationship or marriage. This is the perfect spot for your next romantic couples getaway with a custom retreat.


Wellness Retreats

Experience the medicine of the energy vortex, mountains, rivers and healing hot springs in the San Luis Valley in South Central, Colorado. Let nature and the arts support you as you transform and heal.


Sacred Sexuality Instruction

Sacred Sexuality classes for Couples, including movement, breathing exercises, sound meditation and sacred touch. Experience new levels of expansion within yourself, while deepening your connection with your partner.


Yoga Therapy& Qigong

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Private Therapeutic Yoga & Qigong Classes


Spiritual Counseling

Mentorship & Hands-on Healing


Sacred Unions & Weddings

Ceremony officiation, women's and men's circles, couples sessions


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Session Payment: Rates

Mentoring, Spiritual Counseling & Hands-On Healing, Yoga Therapy
$150 per hour ($125 per hour to SLV residents)

Yoga and Qigong Instruction
$65 per hour, buy 4 sessions for $234 (receive 10% off, value of $260), $17 per person for group classes

Sacred Sexuality Instruction
$175 per 90 minute session ($150 for SLV residents)