Michael Lee

Michael Lee, MA, is the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and author of Turn Stress into Bliss. Arriving at Kripalu from Australia, he lived and taught at Kripalu for several years while completing a master’s degree that focused on the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Phoenix Rising is one of the largest yoga therapy training organizations in the world, with more than 2,000 practitioners. It offers a unique approach to yoga therapy using client-centered, mind-body processes. Michael is also a flight instructor and pilot who lives with his family in the Berkshires and commutes to his writer’s camp in northern Maine. and


Ann Carroll, PhD qigong teacher, artist, philosopher and landscape designer. Ann studied Qi Gong with Ken Cohen for several years, which included an in-depth appreciation of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has also been a practitioner of Kriya Yoga for over 30 years.  Ann combines her love of Taoism with her deep concern for the Earth.  Her personal journey has been to explore the dimension of the sacred feminine through Qi Gong, art and gardening.  She humbly shares Qigong, a Prayers for the Earth installation and her meditation gardens with her community, open to all, on her property in Topsham Maine. In her earlier years, Ann was a philosophy and art history professor.  In her youth, she studied for many years in Europe. Ann is Gina’s qigong teacher.  To learn more about Ann and her offerings, contact Prana at


Sylvia Brallier, author, artist and spiritual development instructor has been teaching Tantric Shamanism and shamanic healing methods internationally for the past 25 years. She is a master at the art of helping people overcome their limitations with impeccability, kindness and humor through seminars, online courses, one on one sessions and her schools, the Tantric Shamanism Mystery School and the ShamaSoma Method.


John Rene Berard, BS, MBA, CMT, CYT practices therapeutic massage, shares weekly Core Power yoga classes, as well as tantra practices with groups and couples, alongside his wife, Gina. Rene has been an active participant and cocreator of men’s empowerment experiences, including men’s groups, sweat lodges, rites of passage for boys, vision quests and completed a men’s 9 month mythic warrior training. Off the mat, Rene enjoys living the Yoga as a Project Manager in the Telecom Industry, and is often in training for extreme athletic challenges like marathons and triatholons. Rene brings humor, sensitivity, intuition, love and excellent communication skills to all he shares.