John Rene Berard

John Rene Berard, BS, MBA, CMT, CYT practices therapeutic massage, Core Power yoga and sacred sexuality practices with groups and couples, alongside his wife, Gina.  They offer couples private sessions, workshops and retreats in the Crestone and Salida, Colorado area and world wide. Off the mat, John Rene enjoys living the Yoga off grid as a project director in the Telecom Industry. John Rene brings humor, sensitivity, intuition, love and excellent communication skills to all he shares.

John Rene has been an active participant and co-creator of men’s empowerment experiences, including men’s groups, sweat lodges, rites of passage for boys, vision quests and completed a men’s 9 month mythic warrior training. John Rene also has advanced training in Conscious Communication.



2016 – Present  Sacred Sexuality Educator (World Wide Workshops and Retreats) and Massage Therapy Practice Salida and Crestone, CO

2003 – 2016  Sacred Sexuality Educator (World Wide Workshops and Retreats) and Massage Therapy Practice in Portland, ME, Boulder, CO, Conway, MA and world wide

Co-facilitate Sacred Sexuality Workshops, Retreats and Private Couples Sessions with Prana Regina Barrett and provide Deep Tissue Massage with Therapeutic Yoga Stretches

2012 – 2016  Power Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist, Jakes Resort and Spa, Jamaica

2010 – 2016  Host & Facilities Manager for Retreats, Portland, MA

2010 – 2014  Power Yoga Instructor, Greater Portland YMCA, Portland, ME

2005  Taught Outdoor CorePower Yoga Class, Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO

2004 - 2005  Workshop Facilitation and Yoga Class Assisting, Dreamtime, Paonia, CO

Co-facilitated Opening to the Love Tantra Workshop and Assisted Yoga Classes on Main Stage with Prana Regina Barrett

1999 – 2003  Facilities Management & Host of Gaia Center for Transformational Healing, Conway, MA

Hosted and co-facilitated a wide range of holistic health workshops & retreats, including priestess path apprenticeship, moon circles, sweat lodges, kirtan, JourneyDance, weekly Mysore & breathwork  


Tantra Workshops

Co-facilitate with Prana Regina Barrett

John Rene has over 25 years of workshop facilitation experience in holistic health and telecommunications

2016 – Present  TantratoLove™ Lifestyle Immersion + Educator Program, Salida and Crestone, CO

2012 – 2016  TantratoLove™ Lifestyle Immersion + Educator Program, Portland, ME

2011 – 2014  Intro to Tantra Yoga, Qigong & Sacred Sexuality Retreat, Kripalu, Lenox, MA

2013  Co-facilitated Tantra Series: Qigong, Intro to Tantra & Vinyasa, Burdock Gathering, Pittston, ME

2013  Sponsored Teacher Ann Carroll, PhD: Qigong in Spiritual Gardens, Brunswick, ME

2013  TantratoLove™ Sacred Touch, Medway, MA

2012  Intro to TantratoLove™ Workshops, Portland, ME

2012   Tantra to Love™ Sacred Touch, Boston, MA

2012  Tantra to Love Yoga Series & Masters Class, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Nov 2011  Tantric Partner Yoga, Boston, MA

Oct  2011  Tantra Yoga, Northampton, MA

Sept 2011  Hosted Fall Tantra Gathering: What is Tantra Anyway?, Portland, ME

June 2011  Tantric Partner Yoga, Northampton, MA

May 2011  Tantra Yoga, Boston, MA

May 2011 Tantra Sampler, Portland, Maine

Spring 2011  Sacred Sexuality~Intro to Tantra Yoga, Kripalu, Lenox, MA

Winter 2010  Intro to Tantra as an Individual Practice, Virtual World Yoga & Meditation Conference, world wide

Fall 2010  Intro to Tantra, Portland, Maine

Fall 2010  Tantric Massage, Portland, Maine

2010  Kama Sutra (yoga & energy movement flows), Portland, Maine

2010  Intro to Tantra (Sacred Sexuality), Portland, Maine

Break due to relocation back to east coast & wife’s breast cancer healing

2004  Opening to Love, Solstice Institute, Boulder, CO

2004  Opening to Love, Northampton, MA

2004  Opening to Love, Dreamtime Festival, Paonia, CO


Education & Training

1997 – Present  Holistic Health, Tantra and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training workshops and retreats, assist Prana Regina Barrett

2000 – 2007  Massage Therapy Mentoring with Patty Gates

1997 – 2007  Tantra Yoga Instruction with Satya Gita Aunt, Middleton, CA

2004 – 2007  Sangah Member of Eldorado Mountain Ashram, Boulder, CO (“White” Tantra Yoga & Meditation practiced here)

2006  Healers Training Weekend with Sylvia Brallier

2005  Tantric Massage with Steve and Lokita Carter

2005  CorePower Yoga Certification 200hrs., CorePower Yoga, Boulder, CO

2004  Intro to Tantra with The Muirs

2002  Massage Therapy Certification 250 hrs., Amherst School of Massage, Amherst, MA

2000  Taoist Men’s Sexuality Weekend w/Charlie (Acupuncturist), Nine Mountain, Plainfield, MA

1996  MBA, Northeastern University

1986  BS in Engineering, UMass, Amherst



Three Reasons Why Men Enjoy Tantra, Lighter: Living Tantra Book Blog, Aug. 2013