Tantra to Love™ Lifestyle Immersion Program &
60 hr. Educator Certificate Add On FAQs

Is this a certification program?

This can be an immersion program for individuals and couples, which includes curriculum to become a 60 hr. TantratoLove™ Educator.  

Those already certified can attend for practice, assisting opportunities and to become an Advanced TantratoLove™ Educator, adding additional hours to their existing certification..  Advanced Educators will also learn advanced practices and teaching techniques.

Prerequisite for the Advanced Track is that you are a certified TantratoLove™ Educator.  Certification in other programs does not qualify you for the advanced track.


More info about the certification program…

Those enrolled in the teacher training will be asked to share a 25 minute class at the end of their training and receive feedback.  Certification program students will be asked to read the training manual, books, links and watch videos during the training, as well as do a daily practice and meet with other students to practice teach.  60 hrs of Yoga Alliance CEUs are provided to those who complete the 30 contact hours and 30 non contact hours of self study (assigned reading, videos & home practice).


Will we be doing a lot of yoga?

Yoga and Qigong practices includes movement, meditation, sound and breath. Most of the movement practices shared will be gentle. Occasionally, we will pick up the pace to move energy. Modifications will be provided for all body types and abilities. The practices shared are very accessible.


Which traditions are shared?

We draw from our main teachers, Sylvia Brallier (Kriya Yoga and Shamanism), Satya Gita Aune (Standing Wave and Anahata), Kundalini yoga and sacred sexuality instructors like The Muirs, Margo Anand and Steve and Lokita Carter.  Gina is also a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, which has “white” tantra lineage roots.  We were members of The Eldorado Mountain Ashram, where we practiced a style of “white” tantra called shambhava yoga, informed by kashmir shaivism and tibetan buddhism. We also studied kundalini yoga in an ashram setting. Gina was mentored by Ann Carroll in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Ann Carroll was a student of Ken Cohen, Qigong Master, and has done in-depth study of TCM with an acupuncturist.  Gina also trained with Daisy Lee in Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women Levels 1 & 2 and many other Qigong masters.  

We combine all this training, to bring you TantratoLove™!  We combine traditional tantra yoga and qigong practices with sacred sexuality practices, revealing the “secret” of tantra. We understand that traditional tantra practices play a major role in awakening kundalini energy. We do our best to maintain the integrity of traditional tantra and Taoist teachings, while bringing these traditions to life by introducing sacred sexuality, intimacy and communication skills.


Will I be paired up with others?

One third of each class will be a solo practice. In the remaining two thirds of each class, we will share practices in a whole group or in pairs.

Unless you are in a couple and choosing to practice together, partners will rotate often.
You will be provided tools to communicate clearly your comfort level with touch. Tantra is all about energy, so touch is NOT required for most activities.

At times, we will share sacred touch. Sacred touch is a sacred sexuality technique that includes beginner level massage and yoga stretches that provide therapeutic benefits and erotic sensations. Light brushing with feathers in genital areas is optional. Genital (sacred spot) massage is NOT part of the classroom experience.

Gender flexibility is appreciated, but not required. Depending on who is enrolled, you may be asked to partner with someone who does not match your sexual orientation. We ask that you embrace this as an opportunity to practice and learn from one another. We will do our best to invite in students that balance out the group.


Will there be nudity?

Not during classes or in common indoor or outdoor spaces.  However, you are encouraged to try some of the practices and exercises in the privacy of your own home without clothing.  Depending on the location, there may be clothing optional hot tubbing and saunaing available.


Will there be homework assignments?

Students are encouraged to begin a regular home practice (daily or every other day). Practicing between classes will cultivate kundalini awakening, improve your communication skills and assist with orgasm transmutation and other sacred sexuality practices.

This program may promote a transformational process and emotional support may be needed. Receiving support can take place between classes. We encourage participants to have a support network in place when going through this program. This is meant to be a training and not a support group. Gina and Rene are available for support in private sessions, outside of the scheduled program.

There will be suggested resources such as books, articles and online videos. We encourage you to read or view those between classes.  Two books are required for those getting certified and are included in the tuition cost.  Please bring a lap top for online study and be sure your lodging location has wifi.  If camping, you can get wifi at The Elephant Cloud cafe.  However, their hours are limited.  Most days they close at 3 p.m.  


Traveling to Crestone,CO

Crestone, CO is located in an energy vortex in Central, Colorado about 4 hours from the Denver International Airport or 3 hrs from Colorado Springs Airport.  There is a bus that runs from the Denver airport to Moffatt, CO where your lodging host can pick you up.  Moffatt is about 10 minutes from downtown Crestone.  Visit www.airbnb.com or www.vrbo.com for a wide range of lodging options in your price range.   Our studio is located in the Camino Baca Grande Professional Center at 46 Camino Baca Grande in Crestone, about a mile walk from the center of town.  If you are not renting a car, be sure your lodging is in walking distance to our studio.  

Those traveling from outside of the area, may want to prepare for altitude sickness.  We find chlorella tincture (or another herbal supplement recommended by your practitioner) added to our water helps to oxygenate our body.  You an also find it in capsule form.  Carry water with you at all times and drink more than you are used to drinking.  A glass an hour is a good marker.  For energy management and to avoid any unwanted symptoms, we suggest not planning anything strenuous for the first few days of your trip.  Give your body time to adjust.  We will be moderately active during the training.  Participants find the training in itself a very full experience.  Down time is often used to rest.

There is a very natural clothing optional hot spring, called Valley View hot springs, that is only 45 min away into the hills.  There will be time to visit during the training.  If you want to go there on the weekends before or after the training, making a reservation is suggested.  It is a Land Trust and has limited capacity.  Valley View is also a very nice place to hike into the hills.  There is lodging available there from cabins & dorms to wooded camping and is very a community oriented.

Crestone, CO is the home of several retreat centers representing some of the main lineages.  Several have daily free classes (practices) or ceremonies and are open to visitors.  The town is at the base of trails that enter wilderness.  There is a very good health food store in the town, a few gifts shops and restaurants.   

This area is also horse country, where you can arrange a horse back ride into the mountains. 

Plan spaciously, as everything is quite a distance (30 min - 1 hr. drive)  from Crestone.  Rushing can cause kundalini energy dysfunction, like insomnia, headaches and energy depletion. 


Tentative Schedule

For a week long training, we will meet for sessions mornings (9 - Noon) and late afternoons (4:30 - 6 p.m.).  We may also meet for a few evenings in place of the afternoon session.  Advanced students may train separately during these times.  

Advanced students will also be asked to assist and demo throughout the training.  Advanced students and certified teachers are encouraged to apply for the assistant role as a tuition trade.  

We can also custom design a private training based on your availability and location.  



$2250 for 15 private sessions.  10% discount when paid in advance.  Tuition payments are nonrefundable or exchangeable. 


If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@tantratolove.com or call  (719) 345-6007