Lighter: Living Tantra, by Gina Barrett

I welcome invitations to offer a workshop in your community!

I welcome invitations to offer a workshop in your community!

Transform and expand safely into one's true purpose, while balancing and grounding the new energy and power generated when living a Tantra lifestyle.

Lighter: Living Tantra guides the reader to create this balance within their life as one practices Tantra and lives a Tantra lifestyle.  The book provides support for opening one’s energy centers (chakras and dan tiens), transforming the emotions that emerge, and the expansion that happens as one opens more fully into one’s true Self.


“Three cheers for Gina’s Lighter: Living Tantra, which stands out as a beacon among the books written about Tantra these days. Her holistic approach is proven to deeply nourish and open us to releasing, healing and rebalancing in love. Lighter, provides a handbook of useful wisdom for those looking to deepen their spiritual connection to the divine, themselves and each other.” - Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC, Tantric Intimacy Coach and Couple’s Therapist

“Tantra, often misunderstood, is an ancient system of energy that can be very helpful to understanding life. In her book, Prana offers clarity and quality information and practices for all to live a tantric lifestyle.” - Michael Lee, MA, E-RYT500, Author and Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

“Lighter: Living Tantra stands out among other books on Tantra as it addresses the transformational experience that takes place when one lives the ‘Tantra lifestyle’. Prana Regina Barrett provides accessible ways to support the reader as they embark on a Tantra path. We appreciate her bold and well-rounded contribution to the field of Tantra. Those curious about Tantra, as well as experienced practitioners are well-advised to add Lighter: Living Tantra to their resource library.” - Steve and Lokita Carter, Founders, Ecstatic Living Institute (and creators of numerous educational Tantra DVDs)

“Prana Regina Barrett offers up a potent dose of wisdom in Lighter: Living Tantra. In it, she shares clear, and easy to understand “how to” guidance. She strips away the folds of obscuring mystery and makes these fast path techniques available and accessible to seekers everywhere, revealing Tantric methodologies that can help the reader to transform well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for the better.” - Sylvia Brallier, Author, Founder of the ShamaSoma Method

About the Author

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Prana Regina Barrett, BS, MIA, E-RYT, C-IAYT is the founder, lead educator and yoga therapist at Tantra to Love™ and author of  Lighter. Living Tantra. Gina founded the Tantra to Love™ Lifestyle Immersion and 60 Hr. Educator Certification Program. Gina shares a tantra yoga, shamanic and qigong path, while creating a safe container for physical and emotional transformation.

Gina has been published in many well known periodicals and blogs including Decolonizing Yoga, Thrive, Mind Body Green and Elephant Journal, Many Hands and Loving More Magazine, and her book Lighter: Living Tantra was reviewed by Dispatch Magazine.