Gina Barrett


Gina Barrett, BS, MIA, E-RYT, I-AYT author, workshop facilitator and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and Volunteer Acting Director of Casa de Paz SLV, shares private sessions, workshops, sacred unions, ceremonies, retreats, immersion programs and teacher trainings in Crestone, Colorado and at well known centers for yoga and health world wide. Individuals of all ages and sexual orientations are drawn to Gina's authentic and playful style, as well as her ability to assist individuals and couples with a wide range of relationship and sexual health concerns. Participants feel at ease within the safe and sacred container she creates. Gina has been sharing engaging workshops for 30 years and is also the author of Lighter: Living Tantra.

Gina shares a tantra yoga, shamanic, taoist and chinese medicine path, which is informed by her spiritual practice.  As a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, she creates a safe container for physical and emotional holistic healing. Gina has assisted individuals with a variety of conditions from anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma to injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, arthritis, pre- and post-natal, peri-menopause, vertigo, multiple sclerosis, post polio and other structural conditions, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, as well as those experiencing sexual concerns and challenges.


Gina spent her earlier years working in the environmental field as an educator, technical support specialist and DEP consultant.  In 1999, after attending a 9 month women's empowerment & holistic health program, she was inspired to open her own yoga and retreat center.  Maintaining basic Spanish fluency and holding a graduate degree in International Administration, Gina has lived in and shared her holistic health & consultant services in the U.S., Central America and Jamaica. 

She is currently very active in providing respite and holistic trauma support for asylum seekers and new immigrants.

Gina gathered her holistic health skills by studying with the Masters of tantra yoga, qigong, chinese medicine, women's health, spiritual counseling, therapeutic movement, women’s empowerment, yoga therapy, meditation, sacred sexuality, shamanism, energy healing, raw food and nutrition & conscious communication.  During her many years of spiritual practice, she has been gifted clairvoyance and energy healing techniques. With such a diverse repertoire, she is able to assist a wide range of clients in clearing away what is masking their true calling and ability to access their Highest potential. Her own journey with healing fibromyalgia and breast cancer has informed her work to be able to assist many to live healthy, joyful & energized lives.

This wealth of rich life experience and training allows her to easefully assist her clients in a variety of ways. In addition to her holistic health skills, she is also an expert marketer, manager and communicator and has helped many establish successful small businesses, such as artists, retail store owners, yoga studio owners and wellness providers. She has also assisted those working in corporate fields & management to advance, while maintaining a balanced life. 

Gina shares Yoga Alliance Continuing Education trainings for yoga instructors worldwide on the topics of Sacred Sexuality,  Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga, and Yoga Assists with Therapeutic Elements.  She is a Certified-International Association Yoga Therapist. 

Gina is deeply committed to transmitting her wisdom about tantra, yoga, qigong, chinese medicine, women's health, shamanism, sacred sexuality & emotional healing, so that all live satisfying lives.



2016 – Present Author, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist and Volunteer Acting Director of Casa de Paz SLV in Crestone, CO

Author of Lighter: Living Tantra, private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Qigong, Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring, Workshops and Retreats. Casa de Paz SLV is a, soon to be, nonprofit that Gina created in January 2019 to provide holistic trauma support to asylum seeks and new immigrants. To learn more visit

Winter 2019 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Groups and Private Sessions at Laguna Madre Yoga, Meditation and Dance Center, South Padre Island, Texas

Winter 2019 Volunteered at the Texas/Mexico Border with Angry Teas y Abuelas, Team Brownsville and at Good Settlement House providing donations, respite and feeding asylum seekers and new immigrants. This was where I also explored the need for Casa de Paz SLV.

January 2019 Cofacilitated a training demonstrating the use of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for Mental Health at the Tip of Texas Counselors Coference, Hilton Garden Inn, South Padre Island, Texas

2017 Qigong, Taichi and Eastern Medicine Conference at Eastover, Lenox, MA
Shared workshops on Energy Balance and Connection and Sacred Sexuality

2016 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioners Conference in Bristol, VT
Shared "Transforming Sex Abuse with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy" workshop

2016 Qigong, Taichi and Eastern Medicine Conference at Eastover, Lenox, MA
Taught opening qigong class where I focused on creating community and connection 

2007 – 2016 Sacred Sexuality Educator & Qigong Educator (World Wide Workshops and Retreats) and Private Healing Arts Practice in Portland, Maine
Author of Lighter: Living Tantra, Tantra to Love™ Lifestyle Immersion & 60 hr. Educator Certification Program, Private Sacred Sexuality Instruction for Couples, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Qigong, Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring, Workshops and Retreats.

Winters 2012 – 16  Yoga & Qigong Instructor and Yoga Therapist, Jakes Resort & Spa, Jamaica

Winter 2006 Yoga Business Consultant, Bocas Yoga, Bocas del Toro, Panama
Assisted in start up of new yoga studio (Bocas Yoga), while owner was away for a month. Provided life coaching to owner, facilitated studio set up & created first teaching schedule.

Winter 2006 Yoga Instructor, La Fluente del Futuro, Bocas del Toro, Panama
Provided weekly yoga classes for families in indigenous village, assisted Directors with organizational development & with English & art classes.

2005 – 2007 Private Practice & Yoga Instructor, Northampton, MA area
Same private services offered above. Taught at Shelburne Falls Yoga & Northampton Athletic Club (4 – 5 classes/week)

2004 – 2005 Therapeutic Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist, Boulder BodyWorks, Boulder, CO
Offered 5 classes per week including mixed level hatha, prenatal, Baby & me & restorative. Provided yoga therapy sessions to clients receiving physical rehab treatment at this clinic.

2003 – 2004 Yoga Instructor, Good Karma Garage, Nederland, CO
3 mixed level hatha classes per week

2002 – 2004 Private Practice, Nederland, CO
Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling & Yoga Therapy

Winter 2003 (3 mos) Yoga Instructor, Bosque Encantada, Nosara Costa Rica
Offered my own daily a.m. mixed level hatha classes in this outdoor studio.

1999 – 2003 Owner & Director of Gaia Center for Transformational Healing, Conway, MA
Private Practice of Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Yoga Therapy, offered daily mixed level hatha classes, hosted and facilitated a wide range of holistic health workshops & retreats, including priestess path apprenticeship, moon circles, sweat lodges, kirtan, JourneyDance & breathwork.


Tantra Workshops & Teacher Trainings

co facilitated with husband John Rene Berard, BS, MBA,CMT

Spring 2013 - Present  TantratoLove™ Lifestyle Immersion & 60 hr. Educator Certification, Portland, Maine and Crestone, CO

Spring 2014  Lighter: Living Tantra Book Tour, various locations in New England

Mar 2011 – 2014  TantratoLove™ Annual Retreat, Kripalu, Lenox, MA

Feb. 2014  TantratoLove™ Workshop Series, Afya Yoga, Kingston, Jamaica

June 2013  Sponsored Teacher Ann Carroll, PhD:  Qigong in Meditation Gardens, Brunswick, Maine

May 2013  TantratoLove™ Sacred Touch, Solstice Center,  Medway, MA

Oct. 2012 Interviewed for Ignite your Heart Transform your Relationship Telesummit, world wide

Summer 2012  Intro to TantratoLove™ Workshops, Portland, Maine

May 2012 TantratoLove™ Sacred Touch, Boston, MA

Jan. 2012  TantratoLove™ Yoga Series, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Nov. 2011  Tantric Partner Yoga, Boston, MA

Oct. 2011  Tantra Yoga, Northampton, MA

Sept. 2011  Hosted Fall Tantra Gathering:  What is Tantra Anyway?, Portland, Maine

June 2011  Tantric Partner Yoga, Northampton, MA

May 2011  Tantra Yoga, Boston, MA

May 2011 Tantra Sampler, Portland, MA

Feb 2011 Intro to Tantra Practices, Virtual Yoga and Meditation Conference, World-Wide

Feb 2011 Therapeutics~ Blend of Tantra Yoga, Qi Gong and PRYT, Portland, Maine

Dec 2010 Therapeutic Yoga & Qi Yoga Series, Portland, Maine

Fall 2010 Intro to Tantra, Spiritual HorizonsPortland, Maine

2010 Karma Sutra (yoga & energy movement flows), Portland, Maine

2010 Intro to Tantra (Sacred Sexuality) , Portland, Maine

Break due to relocation back to east coast & breast cancer healing

2004 Opening to Love, Solstice Institute, Boulder, CO

2004 Opening to Love, Northampton, MA

2004 Opening to Love, Dreamtime Festival, Paonia, CO


Sample List of Workshops Conducted

Prana has 30 years of workshop facilitation in holistic health & environmental education

  • Baby and Me Yoga (Postnatal and Baby Yoga)

  • Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery

  • Coming into Balance with Yoga and Qigong

  • Corporate Self Care Workshop: 10 Simple Ways to Work Effectively and Feel Great!

  • Emotional Healing

  • Gentle and Restorative Yoga

  • Law of Attraction

  • Meditation…Empty the Mind…Come into Stillness

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Groups

  • Pranayama…Yoga of Breath

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Qigong

  • Tantra Yoga

  • Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for Injuries, Illness, Trauma, Immobility and/or Surgery Recovery

  • Yoga Assists with Therapeutic Elements for Yoga Instructors (YA CEUs)

  • Yoga for Healing Breast Cancer

  • Yoga for Strengthening your Center

  • Yoga Retreats (gentle and strenuous options, as well as tantra)


Festivals & Conferences

2017  Festival of the Muses:  A Goddess Gathering at Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffatt, CO

Shared an Intro workshop for Women's Body Temple:  Embodying the Divine Feminine

2017 Qigong, Taichi and Eastern Medicine Conference at Eastover, Lenox, MA

Shared workshops on Energy Balance and Connection and Sacred Sexuality

2016 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioners Conference in Bristol, VT

Shared Transforming Sex Abuse with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy workshop

2016 Qigong, Taichi and Eastern Medicine Conference at Eastover, Lenox, MA
Taught opening qigong class where I focused on building community and creating connection.

2013  Burdock Gathering, Pittson, Maine

Intro to Tantra to Love™ & Qigong workshops

2008 – 2012 Dance New England Dance Camp, Poland, Maine and Ossippee, NH

Conducted Therapeutic Yoga Classes & gave private sessions

2008 & 2009 SpiritFire, secret location, NY

Conducted daily yoga classes & Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Workshop, as well as offered private sessions

2008 Belly & Womb Conference, Shutesbury, MA

Conducted Yoga for Strengthening your Center workshop

2004 & 2005 Dreamtime, Paonia, CO

Conducted yoga classes on Main Stage & Opening to the Love Tantra Workshop


Education & Training

2017 International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification (C-IAYT)

2017  Qigong, Taichi & Eastern Medicine Symposium (5 days) at Eastover, Lenox, MA

2014 - Present  Private Voice Instruction with Hannah Ardenski, Empower Sound

2011 – Present  Qigong Instruction and Mentoring with Ann Carroll, Qigong & Taiji Master who also shares Chinese Medicine & Toaist Philosophy.  Topsham, ME

2011 – 2017 Classical Pilates Instruction, Springboard Pilates, Portland, ME & Laguna Madre Yoga, Meditation & Dance, South Padre Island, TX

2016   Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong Level I & II Training

2016  Qigong, Taichi and Eastern Medicine Symposium at Eastover, Lenox, MA

Fall 2013  5 day Principle-Based Partner Yoga Assisting Training with Elysabeth Williamson

2000 – 2010  Tantra & Spiritual Counseling Mentoring with Sylvia Brallier

1997 – 2007  Tantra Yoga Instruction Mentoring, with Satya Gita Aune, Middleton, CA

2009 & 2014  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Recertification

2006 – 2009  Couples Counseling & Spiritual Counseling Mentoring with Gabrielli Lachiara

2004 – 2007  Sangha Member of Eldorado Mtn. Ashram, Boulder, CO (“White” Tantra Yoga & Meditation practiced here)

2005  Tantric Massage with Steve and Lokita Carter

2004  Intro to Tantra with The Muirs

2004  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 650 hrs., Stockbridge, MA

2003  Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor Certification 200hrs., Nosara Institute

1998 – 1999  Priestess Path Apprenticeship with Alisa Starkweather 

1996 Master in International Administration, School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT

1987 Bachelors of Science & Certification to Teach High School Biology, UMass, Amherst



2017 - Present International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT)

2003 – Present Yoga Alliance

2009 – Present Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioners Facebook Groups



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