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November 8 - 17, 2019


To provide post acute holistic trauma support for newly immigrated families throughout the United States. Our target service population includes, but not limited to, the most vulnerable & traumatized group, women & children. Men and LBGQTI are welcome!

Skills Needed:

Experienced Trauma Trained Holistic Health Practitioners, Art, Music, Cooking, Ability to Walk, Lift, Carry & Smile, Spanish, French, Chinese, Good with Children, Teaching, Fundraising, Program Promo, Graphic Design, Love, Communication, Flexibility is a Must.


I’ve consulted with several of the volunteer organizations working in Brownsville, Texas at the border bridge where hundreds of asylum seekers await entry.  Humanitarian aid is welcome in Mexico for asylum seekers and there are no unusual safety concerns. 

 The wait for asylum is now estimated at 1 - 2 years.  These humanitarian aid organizations serving at the border bridge have been providing support for over a year now.  There is a need for relief.  There are three humanitarian aid projects Casa de Paz SLV volunteers will be involved in supporting. 

 #TeamBrownsville feeds hundreds of asylum seekers daily in Mexico and provides respite support at the bus station in Brownsville, TX after new immigrants are released from detention centers.

 A Sidewalk School just started August 11, where we may teach some yoga!

 There is also an Asylum Seeker Resource Center being built on the Mexico side.

We are welcome to offer holistic trauma support there.

 Hundreds of asylum seekers are waiting & are in need of humanitarian aid daily.

 If you decide to join us as a Casa de Paz SLV volunteer, you will be responsible for all your expenses and for getting to Brownsville, Texas.  We will meet at the bridge every other day to cross together to volunteer. We can recommend places to stay. Some might choose to drive. Frontier also offers reasonably priced flights to South Texas.

 We plan to camp on the ocean at Isla Blanca campground in South Padre Island, Texas & do the 45 min commute to Brownsville. It would be fun for the group to camp together, but you can also stay at a hotel in Brownsville if that is easier.

 Casa de Paz SLV is looking for volunteers that can offer holistic trauma support like yoga, qigong, meditation, massage, acupressure, art & music therapy. Experienced holistic health practitioners, musicians & artists are welcome. Cooking for & feeding asylum seekers is also needed. No skills are required for the respite work except to be flexible. Things are always changing at the border. Spanish fluency is helpful, but not required.  A few asylum seekers also speak French & Chinese.

 Volunteers will be invited to do a fundraiser on social media &/or in your town for supplies & donations to all the organizations involved.

 We’d like to donate yoga mats, a massage chair, art supplies, instruments & aromatherapy oils, as well as cash to buy food for asylum seekers.


Volunteers play an integral role in meeting the Casa de Paz SLV mission. As a CdP SLV Volunteer, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the policies outlined below. These policies apply to all persons, whether they volunteer as individuals or as members of a group, regardless of length of time or frequency of volunteer activity.

We will begin Friday November 8 & end Sunday November 17, 2019, volunteering every other day. (Volunteer times are not final & will remain flexible, as things change at the border).

Job Duties:

CdP SLV has diverse opportunities among our diverse departments. Please be aware that your job duties may shift throughout your volunteer period, depending on the needs at any particular time. Your cooperation and assistance in performing such additional work is greatly appreciated.

Possible Job Duties May Include:

Carrying Supplies, Feeding Asylum Seekers, Assisting with a Class, Guiding a Class or Private Session, Walking a 1/2 mile or so across the bridge to various volunteer locations, Setting up a Wellness Self Care Corner, Promoting Programs, Fundraising, Training & Guiding New Volunteers, Cooking.

Policies & Procedures

  • In accord with CdP SLV’s mission statement, Volunteers must promote an environment of mutual respect with all staff, volunteers, and participants.

  • Volunteers must respect the privacy and confidentiality of any information that may be obtained while working within CdP SLV.

  • All relationships between volunteers and staff, other volunteers, and participants will be professional within the boundaries of the particular job or activity, including dress and language.

  • CdP SLV’s promotes an environment free of drugs and alcohol, sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, and violence.

  • Volunteers are trained for their specific tasks, duties and responsibilities, and will execute these tasks to the best of their abilities.

  • Volunteers will follow the directions of the supervisory staff.

  • The safety and health of each volunteer is of extreme importance to CdP SLV. You must report any injury and/or safety incident to your supervisor immediately, regardless of its apparent severity.

Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Name
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Emergency Contact Phone
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We will begin Friday November 8 & end Sunday November 17, 2019, volunteering every other day. (Volunteer times are not final & will remain flexible, as things change at the border)
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Once we review your application, we will follow up to schedule an interview.  

Volunteers will be reviewed and accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Casa de Paz SLV reserves the right to turn away any applicant.