Gina Barrett

Experience the medicine of the energy vortex and mountains, rivers and healing hot springs in the San Luis Valley in South Central, Colorado. Let nature and the arts support you as you transform and heal.


Wellness Retreats

at Joyful Journey Hot SpringsSalida Palace Hotel or in Crestone, Colorado 

They say here, "The Land Hums"


Sample Retreat Itinerary

Arrive anytime after 4 pm the night before
Morning Yoga or Qigong Class and/or Nature Immersion
Breakfast - dine in or out
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Spiritual Counseling or Mentoring Session
Afternoon Massage or Aromatherapy Treatment
Dinner - dine in or out
Spend the night & depart by noon OR repeat to expand and go deeper

Introducing "Nature as Medicine" Immersion

Prior to becoming a holistic health practitioner, Gina's previous service was in the environmental field.  She worked as an environmental educator, activist and technical consultant.  Her first retreat center was called Gaia Center for Transformational Healing for Groups, Individuals and The Planet.  On the final day Gina spent at her power spot on a river in southern Maine, she witnessed a local family transform from expressing anger to love, peace and harmony.  This took place over the course of two hours simply by fishing together.  This spot gave Gina many profound shamanic (nature based) messages on her visits over the years, so she paid attention.  After witnessing this family transform, she knew this was what she was being called to do in her new home in Crestone, Colorado.  

Crestone is located in the San Luis Valley of South Central Colorado and is one of the largest energy vortexes.  The streams run through mountains of crystals and the energy is intense and transformative.  Most of the trails have meditation spots along them and little statues or prayer flags to remind you to drop in.  Gina will bring you to the sacred sites of Crestone, CO, home of hundreds of spiritual centers, where you can have your personal connection with nature.  Gina will guide you with meditation, qigong and other cleansing techniques that will allow you to be even more receptive to nature's medicine.  Come to Crestone for your wellness retreat and be sure to add a Nature Experience to your retreat itinerary.


Custom Design Your Retreat

tantra colorado couples retreat getaway

Sacred Sexuality Instruction for Couples


Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Essential Oil Treatment, Therapeutic Yoga Stretches, Biomat

emotional clearing phoenix rising yoga therapy colorado

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Yoga Instruction, Qigong Instruction, Meditation, Nature Experience

spiritual counseling meditation mentoring life coaching colorado retreat healing health

Somatic Emotional Healing, Mentoring, Work/Life Balance, Cancer and Chronic Illness Healing Coaching, Nature as Medicine experiences


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After you've booked your retreat dates with us, contact Palace Hotel or Joyful Journey to book a King Suite, as we will give you your healing arts sessions in the luxury of your living room. If you are staying in a different accommodation in Crestone, you will receive your sessions in our healing arts studio. For lodging in Crestone, CO, visit or For an online visitor’s guide, visit